Fitbit Charge 5 pricing and features leaked


A lot of fitness trackers do the same thing. They count the calories you’ve burnt, steps taken, distance walked, your heart rate, and so on. Those have become the bare minimum we expect from our wearables, but it seems that with the upcoming Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit could include some interesting features to justify its new price tag.

According to a tweet by @_snoopytech_, it seems that the upcoming Fitbit Charge 5 could be priced at $179. Given that the Fitbit Charge 4 is priced at $140, this represents a $40 increase in asking price, which is kind of substantial given that at $140, it still feels somewhat affordable.


But like we said, maybe some of the new features of the tracker could justify its price. The leaker shared additional details about the device where it will apparently come with a “Daily Readiness” tool available only to Premium subscribers. This basically tells users whether based on their activities in the past few days, if it might be time to take a break from their workout.

It will also be able to suggest alternatives if they want to keep themselves active, such as stretching or meditation. Other features we might be able to expect from the Charge 5 include ECG and EDA sensors that were only available in Fitbit’s Sense devices, which might also explain the price hike.

There is no date on when the Charge 5 will be launched, but some have taken the 23rd of October date appearing in the leaked renders to be a potential indication of when it will be announced.

Source: Android Police

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