Xiaomi’s new CyberDog is the complete opposite of Sony’s adorable Aibo


Xiaomi is a company that most people probably know for their phones and maybe soon tablets, but in case you weren’t aware, Xiaomi does more than that. The company has branched out to a variety of other gadgets like smart bulbs, robot vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, and by the looks of it, robotic dogs.

Yes, it appears that robotics is something that Xiaomi is looking into. The company made a surprise announcement yesterday when they revealed the Xiaomi CyberDog. This robotic dog looks nothing like the cute Aibo dog that Sony had launched many, many years ago. Instead, this dog looks like some kind of robot sentry more akin to Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

According to Xiaomi, the CyberDog is a quadruped robot that features a servo motor with a 32Nm maximum torque, 220rpm max rotation speed, and it can travel at a top speed of 3.2m/s. It also uses Intel’s RealSense depth module to help it navigate and to avoid obstacles.

Xiaomi has also equipped it with a 128GB near-industrial grade SSD, six microphones, and an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX chipset. The CyberDog can also be used to carry items where its max payload is 3kg. If you’re intrigued, the company does plan on selling them. According to Xiaomi, the first 1,000 units will be priced at 9,999 Yuan, which is roughly $1,540 and is somewhat affordable if you think about it.

We’re not sure if there are plans to release it in other markets other than China, but it looks very interesting and we wouldn’t mind getting one.

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