Xiaomi confirms Mi Pad 5 is coming while Mi Mix 4 gets shown off


Over the course of the past week, Xiaomi has been teasing its upcoming event, slated to take place on August 10th. At this event, Xiaomi will be unveiling the Mi Mix 4, which has been rumored for some time. But today, the company also confirmed (via Weibo) the Mi Pad 5 is going to be shown off at the same event.

The promotional image doesn’t share much, other than the fact that the Mi Pad 5 will have flat edges similar to the Galaxy Tab S7 and iPad Pro. There’s also a stylus touching the screen, so we can expect a new stylus to be introduced, and it may have one side that is flat so that it magnetically attach.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. While the anticipation continues to build for the Mi Mix 4, a promotional banner has been spotted showing off the device. On the banner, there’s an image of the Mi Mix 4 from the back, showing off its camera module along with revealing either a silver or light blue color option.

In the foreground of the image, we can see an outline of what we assume will be the display for Xiaomi’s next flagship. The company has been leaving clues of a display with no hole-punch cutouts for the selfie camera. And according to this banner, that seems to be the case.

If you try to zoom in on the camera module, you might be able to make out the branding below the sensors. Although we don’t have the best eyes, it sure looks like it reads “108MP”, which would confirm previous rumors about the primary camera.

As we were putting this piece together, it appears as though the Mi Mix 4 has also shown up in Geekbench results.  The device was tested this morning, and scored 1164 on the Single-Core test and 3465 on the Multi-Core test. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 888+, and not the Snapdragon 888.

The only way you can tell based on the Geekbench results is under Cluster 3, with its single core clocked at 3.00GHz. For comparison this Cluster would read at 2.84GHz if the phone were powered by the regular Snapdragon 888. Additionally, the Geekbench results revealed that there will be at least one version of the Mi Mix 4 including 12GB of RAM to go along with Qualcomm’s latest processor.

What makes this a bit head-scratching is that Honor was expected to be the first company to release a Snapdragon 888+ device. However, with XIoami’s event coming on Tuesday, that may not be the case. Or, we could end up in a race between which company can release their phones before the other.

We’ll learn more about the Mi Mix 4 and Mi Pad 5 on Tuesday, and I for one, am extremely excited despite the fact that I’ll never be able to use them.


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