Realme MagDart just announced as the first true MagSafe competitor for Android


Over the past few weeks, we have been seeing leaked information regarding a magnetic wireless charging technology from Realme. In an event this morning, Realme has unveiled its new MagDart charging ecosystem and is the first true competitor to Apple’s MagSafe.

Leading up to the event, leaked renders and images showed MagDart being used on what was being called the Realme “Flash”. As it turns out, the Realme Flash was nothing more than a concept device designed to test this new MagDart technology, while potentially showing that a future Realme device could launch with MagDart built in.

Realme MagDart isn’t just one or two accessories, it’s an entire ecosystem of magnetically-attached accessories to use with compatible devices. The headlining accessory is the 50W MagDart charger, which Realme is claiming is the “world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger”. It offers a rather bulky design, but given that there’s a built-in cooling fan, the larger cube design is to be expected.

The company claims that when using its 65W SuperDart wired charger, the MagDart wireless charger will fill a 4,500mAh battery from 0-100% in about 54 minutes. For those who don’t want to use an enormous charging brick, there’s a new 15W MagDart Charger. The design lines up more with Apple’s MagSafe puck, measuring in at 3.9mm and providing a 100% charge to the same 4,500mAh battery in about 90 minutes.

To keep with the charging trend, Realme also showcased a new wireless charging stand, but it actually doubles as a portable charger. With the MagDart Power Bank Base, the top portion of the stand detaches, allowing you to continue charging your device when you need to leave the office.

Just like we’ve seen from some of the third-party iPhone 12 accessories, Realme also introduced a couple of non-charging accessories. First, we have the MagDart Beauty Light, which acts as a case, but doubles as a flip-up ring light. Using MagDart, it relies on reverse wireless charging for power, and includes 60 LEDs that can be controlled via your phone. Finally, the MagDart Wallet, which leaked yesterday, can hold up to three credit cards along with featuring a built-in kickstand.

Currently, there is only one device that can take advantage of this new Realme MagDart charging technology. That’s the recently-introduced Realme GT, but you’ll need to grab Realme’s MagDart case in order to take advantage. Given that the Realme GT doesn’t include wireless charging, this case will make the phone compatible with all of the accessories announced today.

Realme didn’t share pricing or availability information for its new MagDart lineup of accessories. Instead, we’ll have to wait and see when these will actually be made available. Here’s to hoping that the Realme Flash goes from concept to reality, and the company launches a phones with MagDart built-in.


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