The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro feature ANC and want to help fix your bad posture


Whenever a new set of wireless earbuds are released, there are a few key features that we look for. Do they have Active Noise Cancelation? Is there wireless charging available? How long will the battery last? Well, Amazfit is now including features that we didn’t expect to see, primarily focused on health and fitness tracking.

The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro feature ANC up to 40dB along with a built-in accelerometer, heart rate monitoring, IP55 water and dust resistance, and up to 30 hours of battery life. The accelerometer is the sensor that stuck out to me, but that’s because Amazfit claims that this will work with a reminder to keep your back straight. The sensor can automatically detect the angle of your spine, and if you have been sitting in the same spot for too long, you’ll get a subtle notification reminding you to sit up straight.

The PowerBuds Pro can also automatically detect when you start running and will start tracking different metrics. These include run time, speed, distance, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to sync the data easily to other fitness apps like MapMyRun or Runtastic. With the heart rate monitor, your headphones can now let you know if your heart rate is higher than it should be.

While you’re running or working out, you can activate Motion Beat Mode in the accompanying Zepp app. This will “automatically make the bass and beats of your music stronger and clearer whenever you begin working out”. It’s a nice touch that you wouldn’t really expect to find in a set of wireless earbuds.

In addition to the aforementioned noise cancellation, Amazfit has included “Thru Mode”. This is practically just a Transparency Mode to allow more sound in from your surroundings.

Some other features of the PowerBuds Pro include Google Fast Pair support, so you can ditch the annoying pairing process from the old days. There’s also an in-ear sensor, so your music will stop playing if you take one of the earbuds out.

Amazfit will open pre-orders for the PowerBuds Pro on July 15th, and they will be priced at $150 here in the U.S. or €130 in select countries across the globe.


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