Chrome OS may soon let you automatically sort installed apps


One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to the Chrome OS launcher is the inability to automatically sort apps. Sure, you can go through and move the icons around one-by-one, but that can be a long and strenuous project. But it’s still better than Chrome OS’ seemingly useless sorting of apps on its own.

Thankfully, Google is apparently aware of those frustrations and could be releasing a “fix” in the near future. A recent Chromium Gerrit commit (via 9to5Google) adds a new flag that would enable the ability to sort apps in the launcher. Once available, you would be able to enable this feature in chrome://flags with the following:


From there, the apps in your launcher can be sorted and moved around to your heart’s content. At this point in the game, we aren’t sure exactly how the apps would be sorted. Maybe we’ll be able to sort by category or just by title, but however Google does it, this addition is definitely a welcome one.

Development on this feature is just underway, so it’s not something that you can access right now. Even if you could, it’s not ready for prime-time and would likely cause some problems on your Chromebook. Perhaps it will arrive in time for a major Chrome OS release this Fall, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.


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