You can get a “re-newed” Galaxy S20 for just $250 from Samsung


Whenever you’re looking for a new phone, something you should consider is actually getting a used or renewed device. Being able to save hundreds of dollars on the best Android phones makes you feel like you’re getting a bargain. Plus, there’s the whole “how long before a phone is discounted” question that is raised whenever a new flagship is released.

Samsung is one of the biggest offenders of this, as the Galaxy S21 series saw some pretty steep discounts shortly after being released. However, today the company is pivoting just a bit with its Samsung Certified Re-Newed storefront.

These devices are Samsung Certified and include the following:

  • Refurbished to like-new condition
  • Covered with a one-year warranty
  • Affordable monthly payment options

Samsung also notes that you can “save up to 30% or more” on select devices. Today, Samsung has added quite a few new options to its re-newed lineup with the Galaxy S20 series arriving.

Here’s what pricing looks like for 2020’s flagship lineup:

Even though the Galaxy S21 has been available for the better part of six months, that doesn’t mean that the S20 should be overlooked. Especially when you consider that trading in your current device will save you some extra dough, even if you don’t meet the $250 purchase price.

Some of the phones that will save you the most include $600 trade-in credit for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, $600 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, $500 for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and even $200 for the LG V60. It definitely pays to have another phone lying around so you can trade it in and save big from Samsung.


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