Clean every nook and cranny of your home with the Roborock H7


While robot vacuums are cool and all, there’s still something to be said about using a traditional vacuum cleaner. That’s why Roborock specializes in vacuum’s on the whole, instead of focusing just on the little ones that do the work for you.

Today, the company has released the Roborock H7 cordless vacuum cleaner with a 90-minute runtime and fast recharge. The H7 features 160AW suction power along with an “extensive” air filtration” system to make sure those dust bunnies are toast.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Roborock H7 includes washable and reusable filters along with a unique dustbin. This ensures that you won’t have to stop cleaning your home while you wait for more filters to arrive.

Included in the box, you’ll get the H7 Stick Vacuum itself, a motorized mini-brush, a dusting brush, and a power supply. Oh, and there’s also a flex tube, crevice tool, the baton for reaching those corners of the ceiling, and the docking station.

As for the battery life, Roborock states that the H7 Vacuum will last up to 90 minutes on a single charge. But then with the included docking station, you’ll be able to get back up to 100% in around 2.5-hours. Speaking of the docking station, it features Roborock’s MagBase technology that makes it easy to keep your accessories out of the way when they aren’t being used.

To celebrate the launch of the Roborock H7, the company has knocked $50 off the price, bringing it down to $450 with free shipping. While it may not seem like much, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself for snagging the deal as this looks to be one of the best stick vacuums on the market.


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