Google begins adding better organization features to the Messages app


There’s a reason why we all love to use the Google Messages app, and it’s more than just because it’s the only SMS app that Google hasn’t thrown away yet. The company has been making great strides to bring new and exciting features to Messages. Today, Google announced even more features that are coming to the Messages app.

Via the Google India Blog, the company announced that your device will begin using machine learning to automatically sort the SMS and MMS messages that come through. You’ll likely have a section at the top for Personal and transactions, along with another for those one-time passwords. But with one tap, you can switch between message types with ease.

Speaking of those one-time passwords (OTPs), Messages will now begin automatically deleting those messages, 24 hours after they arrive. If you’re using two-factor authentication (which you should be), then you can understand how frustrating it is to have the Messages app cluttered with these. A prompt will appear when selecting the OTPs tag at the top of the app, asking if you want to have OTPs automatically deleted.

Google is also making it possible to turn off both the sorted messages and OTP deletion features. Even if you enable them at first, you’ll just need to jump into the Google Messages app to turn them off.

The only catch with this update is that it currently is only available for those using Google Messages in India. There’s no telling exactly when these two organization features might come to other markets, but we’re hoping that it arrives sooner rather than later.


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