Save $132 on one of the best Android gaming phones of the year


While we’re happy to see Samsung’s vast lineup of smartphones discounted for Prime Day, one of those options may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you want to step up you’re mobile gaming prowess and have been waiting for a solid deal on a gaming phone. Well, RedMagic has you covered as the RedMagic 6, as this excellent gaming phone is on sale for just $528. That’s a savings of $132 (or 20%), which is the best deal we’ve been able to find on the phone since it launched.

The RedMagic 6 in question is quite a beast when you look at the power under the hood. Nubia is making use of the Snapdragon 888 chipset paired with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. There’s a triple camera setup on the back with a 64MP primary lens handling the heavy-lifting, along with an 8MP ultrawide and a 2MP depth sensor.

But the real excitement comes in terms of what the RedMagic offers for the “extras”. First, there’s a multi-tier cooling system with a built-in fan and a vapor chamber. These work together to transfer the heat away from the processor while helping to increase battery consumption. The display measures at 6.8-inches and is also equipped with a 156Hz refresh rate for smooth interactions.

Then, there’s a dedicated game slider on the right side of the phone that takes you right into the RedMagic 6’s Game Mode. This, paired with the two touch-sensitive shoulder triggers, makes for an unstoppable gaming experience. It just takes some getting used to at first, and you’ll definitely want to make sure that everything is configured properly.

Nevertheless, if you want a new gaming phone, the RedMagic 6 is a fantastic choice and it can be yours for 20% off.


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