After waiting an eternity, Google FINALLY brings Stadia to the Chromecast with Google TV


When Google announced the Chromecast with Google TV, it was assumed that this would be the new de-facto choice for those who enjoy playing Stadia games. But for whatever reason, Stadia has not been available for Google’s own streaming device. Sure, you can still use it in Chrome or on your phone, or even the older Chromecasts. But Stadia was nowhere to be found when it comes to the latest Google streaming device.

Thankfully, and finally, that’s all changing on June 23rd, as Google has announced Stadia support will be arriving for the Chromecast with Google TV and a few other Android TVs. And even if you have an Android TV that doesn’t support the Stadia release, Google also stated that you will be able to use Stadia anyways by opting into the Experimental Support portion.

Here are the Android TVs that will support Stadia starting later this month:

As you would expect, you’ll be able to use your existing Stadia controller when playing games on Android TV on the Chromecast with Google TV. Additionally, you’ll be able to pair your favorite controllers like the Xbox or Sony controllers, in case you just aren’t a big fan of the Stadia option.

This is addition is long overdue and is just part of the reason why we have concerns about the future of Stadia. It’s a small piece of the puzzle, but considering that Stadia falls under the Google umbrella and isn’t a separate entity entirely is just cause for concern.


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