Starting this week, Verizon is offering up to a year of Google Play Pass for free


From time to time, Verizon tries to do different things in an effort to keep its existing customer base happy, while throwing all of the major deals and discounts at new customers. The latest attempt comes for those who either use or have been considering signing up for Google Play Pass (or Apple Arcade). Starting May 25th, Verizon Wireless Unlimited customers will be able to get six months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade for free, or a full year if you are subscribed to either the “Play More” or “Get More” Verizon plans.

With Google Play Pass, this subscription is $4.99 per month and provides access to more than 800 games and apps that you can use for as long as your subscription is active. This includes some of the best Android games such as Monument ValleyStardew Valley, or Dead Cells. Your head might spin just looking at all of the different apps and games that are included in Play Pass. Plus, Google just added more than 20 new titles to the list, giving you even more options to choose from, as Play Pass has now expanded into 40 different markets across the globe.

Apple Arcade is similar to Play Pass in that it’s a monthly $4.99 subscription for iOS and iPadOS devices. However, instead of including a combination of apps and games, Arcade is only a library of games to choose from. The other difference is that you might find quite a few more indie titles that were developed specifically for Apple Arcade, whereas Play Pass includes a vast array of options.

If you are a new or existing subscriber, you can sign up for this deal starting tomorrow at the following links:


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