May 18th, 2021

Google Photos is getting a new feature that will assist in keeping your sensitive photos away from prying eyes. The new “Locked Folder” feature will allow users to hide photos inside a password-protected space on their device so that the images do not show up when scrolling through to camera roll. Any images or videos places in the new Locked Folder will also not show up when for third-party apps as well.

While most people may have a few compromising photos or video that they don’t want their parents or friends inadvertently seeing, the Google Photo Locked Folder will be handy if you have sensitive information like business receipts, photos of tax documents or simply want to make sure certain photos don’t show up for everyone to see in a shared Google Photos account.

We don’t have an exact date for when the feature will be rolling out, but Google did say that the Locked Folders will first make their debut on Pixel devices and will eventually be rolled out to all Android smartphones.