Huawei’s Mate 50 could come with a monstrous battery, but does it matter?


Assuming Huawei sticks to schedule, there’s a good chance that later in the year, the company will be launching its Mate 50 series. According to a recent report from China, one of the alleged selling features of the upcoming phone will be its battery in which apparently it will be of the 7,000mAh capacity.

That’s considerably larger compared to most smartphones these days. On average, a lot of phones we’re seeing hover around the 4,000-5,000mAh mark, with several going over, but rarely do we come across phones with 7,000mAh. With a battery this big, the Mate 50 should be more than capable of lasting several days without a charge.

That being said, we have to ask, will it be enough and does it matter?

If Huawei’s phones were still offering Google Play Services, it would be a huge deal, but as it stands, Huawei’s phones don’t. Instead, the company is offering alternative apps and services, but it’s not quite the same. The company is also expected to eventually transition over to its HarmonyOS platform in a departure from Android entirely.

This means that while the 7,000mAh battery is tempting, will HarmonyOS and Huawei’s own apps and services be enough to convince customers to buy their phones? Would you?

Source: GizChina

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