Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag updated with new privacy feature


Tracking accessories are useful to help you locate items like keys, your wallet, your bag, and so on, but they are also open to being abused where someone could potentially slip a tracker into your bag and follow you home. This is something that Samsung is hoping to correct with its Galaxy SmartTag.

The accessory, announced alongside its Galaxy S21 series, has recently been updated where Samsung has introduced a new safety and privacy feature. This update will allow users to scan for unknown SmartTags to see if someone might have slipped one into your bag without you knowing about it. According to Samsug:

“In addition, the new Unknown Tag Search feature can detect a Galaxy SmartTag that doesn’t belong to you is moving along with you. With the press of a start button, Unknown Tag Search will scan for unknown SmartTags and provide a list to ensure nobody is secretly tracking your location.”

If this feature sounds familiar, it is because Apple’s recently launched AirTags also comes with a similar anti-stalking safety feature which will make a noise after a certain amount of time has passed. We’re not sure why Samsung did not include this feature at the start since it was pretty obvious, but we suppose better late than never.

In addition to the safety feature, Samsung will also be introducing support for Bixby, where users can ask the digital assistant to locate their SmartTags using voice commands.

Source: Samsung

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