Sony Xperia 1iii camera samples


With the introduction of the Sony Xperia 1iii and Xperia 5iii today, Sony is hoping to make a big splash with its upgraded smartphone cameras. While the 12MP sensors on the back of the phone and 8MP selfie camera aren’t dramatically different than what we got on last year’s models, Sony is introducing the world’s first variable zoom periscope camera in a smartphone with camera lenses that physically move to deliver 70mm and 105mm focal points.

On top of that, Sony is the only smartphone manufacturer that allows for a bust mode from all three rear cameras, allowing them to capture up to 20 images per second with autofocus calculations occurring 60 times per second. To improve the focusing capabilities, Sony has added a new real-time object tracking feature that allows the smartphones to maintain their focus on a subject even if the real-time eye and face autofocus feature loses track of the subject when their face turns away from the camera.

We have not yet had a chance to test the new cameras for ourselves, but we’ve compiled all the sample images Sony has shared that were captured with the two new smartphones to give you a quick look at what we can expect from them once the Xperia 1iii and Xperia 5ii become available in the next month or two.

Sony Xperia 1iii & Xperia 5iii camera specs

  • 12MP, 16mm (ultra-wide angle) f/2.2
  • 12MP, 24mm (wide angle) f/1.7
  • 12MP, 70mm / 105mm (telephoto) f/2.3-2.8
  • 3D iToF sensor (only on the Xperia 1iii)
  • 8MP, (selfie camera) f/2.0
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