Clubhouse could finally launch on Android in May


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t care about iOS at all, you might not have heard about Clubhouse. But the truth is that the app has taken social media by storm, offering a “drop-in audio chat” experience that previously wasn’t found elsewhere. The problem is that up until now, Clubhouse has only been available on iOS and is only available to join if you are invited.

As we usually, do Android users want app parity between both platforms, leading to plenty of questions about when or even if we’ll see Clubhouse on the Play Store. Yesterday, one the lead Android developers with Clubhouse shared a couple of screenshots, teasing the app. In the first photo, you can see that her description in the app changed from “- sent from my iPhone” to “sent from my Pixel”.

Of course, this is enough cause for excitement, but the fun doesn’t stop there for those who want Clubhouse on Android. In a follow-up tweet, it was revealed that the Clubhouse Android app has been in development for “around six weeks now”, along with a “rough” release date of May.

It appears that there are two developers currently working on the Android app, which is fantastic news, but we suggest practicing some patience here. Clubhouse has exploded in popularity on iOS, which is great but the developers want to make sure that the experience will be just as good regardless of which platform you use.

The developers for Clubhouse have been rather busy as of late, as the app has introduced “Clubhouse Payments“, making it easy to support your favorite creator. Instead of trying to find a Patreon account or something else, you can just tap their profile, and send some money over. But more excitedly, the creator will receive 100% of the payment, instead of worrying about Apple or Clubhouse taking a cut. In order for this to work, the creator will need to have the feature enabled first. So here’s to hoping that this will also be brought over to the Android version of the app.


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