Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Samsung


As expected, Samsung released an array of cases for all devices in the Galaxy S21 lineup. There are some differences in the offerings, as you won’t find the unique Kvadrat Case here. Instead, that was reserved for the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus. But hey, we have S Pen support while the other ones don’t. Plus, there are some great case options only available for the S21 Ultra that you won’t find elsewhere. Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up the various first-party Samsung cases for the S21 Ultra so you can figure out which one is the best for you.

Silicone Case – Editor’s Choice

It doesn’t get much more barebones than this when it comes to cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As it does with the release of every new flagship phones, Samsung released a basic Silicone case for the S21 Ultra. You have four different colors to choose from, and there’s a little cutout on the bottom left corner if you want to tie in a lanyard of some sort. If you’re looking to keep a slim profile with your bulky phone, this is the way to go.

S-View Cover

When the S-View Cover was originally released, it seemed more like a gimmick case than anything else, but we have continued to see new versions released with every new flagship. The S-View Cover for the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in two different colors and provides a window to view the time, date, battery life, and icons for the different apps that are sending you notifications. You can even use this window to answer phone calls or control your music, all without ever actually opening the case.

Leather Cover

There’s just something about having a leather case on your phone that can really make it feel like its a personalized case, just for you. Of course, all of thte leather cases look the same out of the box, but as the leather wears and forms a patina, that’s when the unique-ness of the case shows itself. You’ll get a good amount of protection, plus there’s a pretty cool-looking metallic guard around the camera that doesn’t hinder the flash or get in the way of the camera sensors.

Samsung Silicone S Pen Case

For the first time ever, the S Pen is now compatible with a Samsung smartphone that isn’t a Galaxy Note device. Samsung’s S Pen Case is made from the same material as its more-traditional Silicone Case, but is obviously a bit wider to accommodate the new S Pen. Perhaps the best part about this case is that Samsung’s actually including the S Pen in the box, so you don’t have to worry about trying to find one elsewhere. The S Pen Case doesn’t really do anything special here, other than housing the S Pen, making it easy to grab the stylus when you want to doodle or take some notes on your S21 Ultra.


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