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Back in February, Google Chrome for Android introduced a new way of managing and interacting with your various tabs that are open at any given time. This new feature is known as Tab Groups, and originally started rolling out on desktop last year, before making its way to the Android app. Google isn’t slowing down with adding new and useful features, as you can now preview web pages before opening them.

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When browsing around in Chrome, you can now long press and select Preview Page in the context menu that pops up after a few seconds. But instead of just taking directly to the web page, or being forced to open it in another tab, you can get a preview of the page without navigating away from the current link that you are on.

After tapping the Preview Page button, a pop-up appears from the bottom, complete with the website’s favicon, the page’s title, and the source URL. You’ll also find buttons in the top right corner to either exit out of the preview, or open it up in a new tab of its own. Additionally, you can close out of the preview page by swiping down on the pull tab or tapping above the preview window.

This feature has been in the works for a few years now, but it’s officially available for everyone on the latest version of Chrome for Android, which is currently Chrome 89. If you don’t see the Preview Page appear in your context menu, double-check and make sure that you have already download the Chrome 89 update from the Play Store.

Source: 9to5Google

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