Motorola takes up to $400 off of its best phones with these crazy deals


While it seems that Motorola has decided to get out of the race for offering the best flagship smartphone, the company hasn’t given up the goose entirely. Motorola’s bread and butter over the last few years has been in the mid-range and budget game, with releases like the Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus.

While these phones are already pretty cheap compared to other options on the market, there’s nothing wrong with saving a few extra dollars. For a limited time, just about every phone in Motorola’s lineup is on sale, ranging from $200 off at Amazon to $400 off through AT&T.

Motorola Deals

The Razr may have not taken off in the same vein that the Galaxy Z Flip did, but it’s still a pretty interesting smartphone. It’s the kind of phone designed to hit you right in the nostalgia bone, and there’s even a built-in Easter egg where you can make the inner display look like the Razr flip phone from the “old days”.

Save even more through carrier deals

Carrier deals are usually a catch-22, with some requiring you to trade in your old device to save some cash. But these deals from Verizon, AT&T, and Cricket don’t require a trade in, so you can just upgrade or switch from your current carrier to take advantage.


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