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Background checks are important as they reveal essential information about someone. One can use the information in many ways, but they can seek it to employ people and make the right decision for their business. In the current times, when there is a pandemic going on, background checks become even more crucial since not all employees can be interacted with and analyzed in-person. 

Background checks can reveal if a particular person has been a felon in the past and then allows the employer to make accurate decisions. These checks come in a variety of different pricing plans according to the need of the user.

And for your glance,  we list the best background check services we analyzed here. 

  • TruthFinder – Check the Person’s Entire Background History Now!
  • CocoFinder – The Best to Find Someone’s Criminal Record.
  • Instant checkmate – The Accurate Service to Learn Social Media Activities.
  • Intelius – An Intelligent Platform that Lets You Reconnect with Old Friends.

1. TruthFinder

If there is a service we’d have to crown the best among all others, TruthFinder will likely be the one. The reason is quite simple; it’s highly accurate, and the records are updated continuously. The user gets a variety of filters to choose from to narrow down their search target. TruthFinder also offers unlimited background checks that are highly cost-effective for businesses with much information to run. 

Moreover, it has a section of its site dedicated to the legal ways one can manage the information offered. It helps the user stay within the law while using the service. The background service has a dedicated app that provides the user with further convenience. The information presented is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. 

Additionally, it is safe to use. The client’s data and searches will not fall into the wrong hands, mainly cybercriminals or advertisers. The platform is also legal as the data offered on it is part of the public database, accessible for all. Several renowned publication agencies such as TechJunkie, DailyDot, and Fox News have acknowledged the utility of TruthFinder as well.

Click here to learn more about TruthFinder!

2. CocoFinder

The user can easily find information related to any individual from state records using the CocoFinder background search service. The platform offers multiple ways to search for a person’s information, including First Name, Last Name, and the City/State they live in during their lifetime. 

The utilities offered by CocoFinder make the entire background checking of the target person easy. Moreover, it provides many other benefits as well. If the user has forgotten the target person’s name, they can check it up in the people search directory. After that, they can apply filters to narrow down the data. 

CocoFinder also provides a friendly UI that is easy to use and presents the information in a readable manner. Some additional services of the background checking platform are as follows:

Name Search: If the client types the names of anything associated with the target individual, such as locations, the person’s residence, his/her first or last name, CocoFinder will provide the data.

Email Search: If the person has nothing but the target person’s email address, even then, the user can perform a search that will uncover vital details relevant to the other person.

Click here to know what CocoFinder has to offer!

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate background check service provides incredibly accurate results. There is a $1 five-day trial that most people can run to test the service’s accuracy, and they will be amazed by how much data is available. There is data on the life history of the user’s closest people. Moreover, the platform offers information related to formerly convicted felons. 

There are some ways through which information of a specific person might be more readily available. One means if a person has several accounts all made with the same email, then the user of Instant Checkmate will receive valid information. 

Reviews on other publications also show that the information on Instant Checkmate is a powerful service that showcases the entire background of the intended individual. There is an option for searching either through an email address or a number. The provided interface of the site is user-friendly.  

Unlike other services where canceling of subscription can become a mess, this is not the case with Instant Checkmate. The cancellation process is relatively simple. All the searches were under the trial time period. Moreover, one might even be refunded for their money by Instant Checkmate. 

Follow the link to check with Instant Checkmate now!

Part 4: Intelius

Another name that is well-known in the background checks online category, Intelius, which doesn’t disappoint. It has a vast database available and lets people look up others, providing a lot of information about them. Everything from the address, criminal history, and even financial data is included in the background check. 

Moreover, the user can also get a check that looks for a person’s education history, making it great to find someone you knew in the past or research a potential employee. User’s information will remain encrypted, and each and every search they perform on the service will be completely confidential.

The service offers a user-friendly interface, which presents the information neatly. There is an option to make graphs so the user can better see the relationships being formed. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to get into a monthly subscription, which seems entirely worth it considering the quality of information available on Intelius. 

Start searching with Intelius!

Part 5: Zabasearch

Why go and search elsewhere when a platform such as Zabasearch offers accurate background checks to do the job. It allows the user to search for a name or a phone number and then reveal the information on the target person. 

The plus point about Zabasearch is that it’s completely free to use, and unlimited background checks can be made unless precise information is required. Then the user can pay for a subscription. For the general population, the free background check service is capable enough to dig up the needed information. 

Besides, it includes an opt-out feature for those not interested in their data getting displayed on the service. The service is also reliable, providing accurate information. If the user receives the subscription, then the relevant information can lead you to the target person’s doorstep. 

It also belongs to the list of services that are easy to access and have an intuitive user-interface, and the steps to search are not overly complicated. All one needs is available on the startup page and then from there, how the user controls the information is entirely up to the user.  

Part 6: Spokeo

Belonging to the list of background check services free is Spokeo, which works similar to a people’s address book. The client can find any data or information related to the target person with just a single click. The service collects data through different means, including public records.


Moreover, it places different parameters to filter the data according to the user’s need. The tool is user-friendly, which makes it easy to use for anyone regardless of their technical knowledge. Spokeo provides a variety of ways to search a person, such as their name, address, email, phone number, or even an IP address. 

What’s excellent about Spokeo is that since they are working with several different third parties, they have information from various customer records and commercial organizations. It displays the relevant information once the user enters the search.

Part 7: Search Public Records 

Search Public Records, as the name suggests, lets the user have access to the massive amount of information available on everyone on the internet. These records are populated by many different sources such as public records people have entered themselves, millions of consumer records, and even state, federal, and municipal databases. 

Moreover, many sources present on the platform ensure that the user’s information is accurate and specific. The different data types and the vast pool of sources reveal intimate details about the target.

All a search takes is a name and state, and then Search Public Records can look up your results and bring a report in a matter of minutes. The data it provides is usually residential history, phone numbers, warrants/arrests, email addresses, career details, and much more.

Part 8: Nuwber

Nuwber is one of the lesser-known background checks services on this list; however, it allows the client to use the search engine for various reasons. They can control it to locate old friends that have been disconnected and now need a way to get back together.

Additionally, one can track down long-lost relatives through Nuwber. If the user is looking to reverse track a number, then Nuwber can even arrange it by simply entering the person’s number, and the information will show up. 

The background service is more focused on finding social connections than a potential employee, so it should be used as intended. The results will be unsatisfactory. It also shows the people living in one’s neighborhood so the user can keep track of all the people around him/her.  The searches are also 100% confidential, according to the site.    

Part 9:  SpyDialer

Also belonging to those background check services which favor personal connections rather than business solutions, SpyDialer has a vast database at its storage. The information on individuals is comprehensive enough to narrow down the target person. Along with cell phone numbers, the total records exceed over 275 million people nationwide. 

The ways a user can look up the target individual are their name, phone number, and email address. It also provides a free phone service which the client can use to call anyone, anywhere in the world. The utility can prove quite useful for many people, regardless of the purpose. 

Furthermore, the site also has a minimal design that boosts user-friendliness. It makes the platform easy for anyone, irrespective of how much technical knowledge someone has at their disposal. 

Part 10: SpyFly

SpyFly has the specialty of extensive background checks claiming to provide stable quality with accurate data. They have strengthened their records by aggregating several public records in association with other utilities offered by them.

Moreover, it provides exceptional service for the members delivering full-fledged contact information for their members. The user can access the service for in-depth background checks to appoint employees or find long-lost friends and relatives. 

Furthermore, it provides detailed information to its user, including full names, phone numbers, email addresses, residential history, and all the locations registered as per the name or numbers. This information can be concerned with anyone all around the nation. Moreover, the user can retrieve the other individual’s financial history, judgments about bankruptcies, and much more using SpyFly.


It may occur to many readers of this article that if most of the information comes from public records, then why not do it ourselves? Well, this may be true in some cases. However, these services collect and organize millions of these records so the user can access them easily.

Individually searching for any record through Google could take a huge chunk of anyone’s time and would be inefficient if one has to make several background checks throughout the day. This guide has stated the best background check sites that hold their virtues and uniqueness. 

In the end, TruthFinder stands out as the best background check site due to its intuitiveness, extensive database, and state-of-the-art features.

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