The Honor Band 6 is more than just a fitness tracker


Fitness trackers, for the most part, tend to be rather basic and straightforward where it measures things like calories burnt, steps taken, distance walked, and so on. Those features are perfectly fine, but what if you wanted something more? What if you needed to track more information?

That’s where the Honor Band 6 comes in, where the company seems to have blurred the lines between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. The Honor Band 6 will come with a decently-sized 1.47-inch display that ventures pretty close to smartwatch territory, but at the same time it also boasts an extremely long battery life of up to 14 days with typical use, or up to 10 days for heavier usage.

While it comes with typical features that one might expect from a fitness tracker, it also comes with more advanced features like a built-in SpO2 monitor that measures the wearer’s blood oxygen levels. This can be useful if you’re trying to determine fitness levels or to see if there might be something wrong with you.

There is also a built-in heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a stress monitor, and also a menstrual cycle tracker. It has a 5 ATM water-resistance which means that it can be used for swimming, where it can also be used to track your swimming efficiency by identifying your swimming strokes and heart rate while you workout.

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