5 Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20


The Samsung Galaxy S20-series has one of the best phones of 2020. From the specifications to its beautiful design, the devices in the series packs it all. However, it’s made of slippery metal and scratchable glass. If you already own the device or planning to buy one, you’ll obviously want to keep this expensive flagship in pristine condition as long as possible.

If you’re worried about scratching up your new expensive phone, then your best bet is to protect it by grabbing yourself a great case for the device. Each of these cases have their own individual ways to defend your handset from your day-to-day life, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect case in the lineup. Here are the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20:

1. Offical Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Cover Case

Kicking off our top 5 list is the official Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Cover. It probably has the simplest design. If you’re looking for a case to protect your phone from light scrape or scratches and not to deter the phone’s overall look, this is the perfect case for you. Its classic appeal makes it appropriate for every occasion.

This cover comes in an array of colors, so if you want something a little more subtle than the eye-catchy ones, there are also black, light gray, sky blue, black, and brown colors available. Samsung has created such a variety of colors to cater to all styles. The case is made with the highest quality materials to offer you a long-lasting and durable cover.

All inputs of the phone are cut out immaculately to ensure you’re not restricted when using your handset. Wireless charging is also available for this case’s construction. This advantage avoids the need to take off your cover before charging your phone in the most developed way possible.

2. Offical Samsung Galaxy S20 Clear View Cover Case

Next up, we have another case from the official Samsung range with the Clear View Cover. This extremely smart notification case from Samsung offers complete protection to your phone while still being able to notify you of the time, incoming calls, battery life, and messages. This will enable you to communicate with your device without the phone’s display being vulnerable.

The Clear View Cover case is touch-sensitive, enabling you to connect with your device even with the case being closed. With this feature being available to this case, your Galaxy S20’s display will withstand any impacts it may encounter.

The spine of this case is flexible and can be bent all the way to the back. A convenient factor for when the phone is placed in the palm of your hand, providing extra comfort when texting or scrolling through social media. Despite this case granting complete protection to your phone, there is no additional bulkiness, making this case easy to carry around with you in your pocket. This case is practical and compacted for the comfort of the user.

3. UAG Monarch Samsung Galaxy S20 Tough Case

The third case on the list is the Urban Armor Gear Monarch tough case. This mega cover looks indestructible. It meets US military drop-test standards and exceeds them twice over. Urban Armor Gear continues to carry out its reputation of creating heavy-duty cases to ensure phones around the world are getting the highest quality protection.

This is the ideal phone case for people who lead adventurous and fast-paced lifestyles, as this case is sure to be able to keep up. The construction of this case consists of five layers. The top layer is the outer frame, the first point of contact when faced with impacts. The frame sits on the stylish carbon fiber finish, which not only looks incredible but is another element for the safeguarding of your device.

Then comes the polycarbonate plate, which is diverse in any collision your phone face. Next is a metal alloy packed together with the Torx screws. The last contribution to this ultra case is its shock-absorbing coating around the edge of the phone. These factors make this a premium case, giving your phone the protection that it deserves. Moreover, there is a raised lip at the phone’s front.

4. Olixar NovaShield Samsung Galaxy S20 Bumper Case

Our fourth choice comes in the form of the NovaShield bumper case from Olixar. Thanks to its uncompromising size and the affordable price point, making it a great choice for any Galaxy S20 owner. If, when buying your S20 device, you were persuaded by a particular color, you would be reluctant to hide the color when picking a case.

The NovaShield Bumper Case has a clear coating, which allows your device color to be still visible. The Bumper around the edging of the case is perfectly framed to enhance the device’s design. Manufactured into the corners of the case are air pockets, cushioning your phone from any impact it may come in contact with. This keeps your phone in the same condition as the day you bought it.

5. Offical Samsung Galaxy S20 LED Cover Case

The fifth and final case on our list is a futuristic LED case created by Samsung. The cover has built-in LEDs, not just for an aesthetic effect but for informing the phone owner of incoming notifications. So that you can stay in the loop, despite your phone being placed screen down.

The clever functioning LED display on the back of the phone is not just to inform. But, you can customize them to suit your interests, as being able to apply mood lights and icon features to your case, which makes this case unique and personal. The cover is available in sky blue, pink, white, and gray colors.

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