QRTiger’s QR code generator app rolled out its latest version for Android


Seeing the high-rising demand for QR code technology today and in the future, QR Tiger, one of the leading QR code generators online, has recently launched its more innovative QR code generator app for a better user experience. 

The app which is suitable for any individuals and businesses who want to utilize of this go-to tech tool, can now enjoy a more seamless experience using the QRTiger app with their advanced and added QR solutions. 

Using this free QR code generator application, users can generate their QR code solutions of all types in one tap of their smartphone devices. Various QR code types are offered from its essential QRs such as the URL QR, Text QR, WIFI, Email, SMS, to text. 

Social media QR codes are also available for generation such as the Facebook QR, Youtube QR, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. Users can also have the freedom to customize their QR code’s appearance instead of only using the traditional monochromatic QR code color. 

With that being said, the QRTiger app offers multiple design options from the QR code’s color and various design patterns to its eyes making them more personalized. 

With QRtiger app, users can:

  • Generate multiple QR solutions
  • Stylize the overall appearance of their QR code with its various designing options
  • Add a logo, icon or that represents the purpose of your QR or brand theme
  • Unlimited scans of your static QR code
  • Produce high-quality QR code images

QRtiger users can also scan QR codes using this app, making them one of the most convenient QR code generator tools in the online market.

With regards to its scanning feature, users don’t have to worry about its maximum capacity and error redirection as it provides unlimited QR scans. The app is not only for personal use but is perfect for business use as well since it does not carry advertisements, which creates a smoother and better QR code app experience without constant pop-ups. 

qr tiger scanner

Here are a few quick steps to download the QRtiger app:

  1. Go to google play store
  2. Search for the “QRTiger” app 
  3. Simply click download 
  4. And your QR code application is now ready to use 

For advanced QR code solutions and professional tools, especially for businesses who are serious about using QR codes for their marketing in the long run, users are advised to use the online version of the QR code generator website. 

Using the online version of the app, they can generate their QR code solutions in a dynamic type that will enable them to track their QR code scans and keep a record of their scanners demographics, such as the time when they scanned, the location where they scanned from, the device used when scanning your QR code. 

Tracking the QR code scans allows users to understand their QR code campaign better, and gauge their implementation’s overall success. Furthermore, this also enables them to develop a successful and more effective QR code strategy campaign and get better traction of their QR marketing. 

By being updateable in content in nature, users can run a multi-media QR campaign using a single QR code, making them cost-efficient and ideal for long-time use. They can edit the QR code from one information to another anytime they want without reproducing it. 

With that being said, they don’t need to print the codes all over again, even if the QR code has been deployed and printed out to different marketing materials. As long as it is powered using the dynamic QR code, users can quickly edit information behind their QR code stored using the QR code generator online. 

With QR code generator websites and apps as being one of the most sought-after digital tools today with the existence of the pandemic, users can enjoy generating any type of files and sharing them with their target audience in just a scan. 

With its ability to provide a contactless means of file-sharing, the sharing of information to the end-user has never been this convenient and more accessible. 

QRtiger will keep innovating their app in the coming future to provide the best possible user experience for their users that they can all enjoy. 

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