Dec 7th, 2020 publishUpdated   Dec 8th, 2020, 9:05 am

Are you the proud owner of the Huawei P9? Setting up an Android phone for the first time is pretty straightforward, but each device does have a few unique hardware and software characteristics which make it special. And the Huawei P9 is no exception. Having had the Huawei P9 in-hand for nearly three weeks, we thought we’d walk you through a handful of tips and tweaks every P9 owner should take a look at when they first get their phone.

1. Insert a microSD card


Let’s face it, 32GB of internal storage isn’t really enough if you enjoy playing games on your phone or are constantly taking pictures and recording video. Fortunately, the P9 has a microSD card slot to augment the phone’s internal storage. With a 128GB microSD card (the maximum capacity supported by the P9) inserted into the phone, you can store countless pictures and videos without worrying about running low on storage.

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