Limited Time Black Friday Promo: VIP-SCDkey is offering Windows 10 PRO keys for $12!


In addition to buying the components you need to put together a new computer, you also need to factor in the cost of purchasing a license to use software like Windows 10 or Microsoft Office. Those costs can add up and make your new rig ever so slightly more expensive, but the good news is that the folks at VIP-SCDkey have announced a Black Friday limited-time offer that will knock the prices off Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.

The company had previously announced a Black Friday sale, but this time around, they have decided to drop their prices even lower where you can nab yourself a Windows 10 Pro OEM for just $12, which is as good as it gets. Given that Microsoft typically charges a lot more for a regular license, this can help you save some money that you could use towards better PC components.

Alternatively, if you already have a Windows PC but are eyeing the Microsoft Office suite, then VIP-SCDkey’s offer will be good too.

Limited time 30% coupon codeBFPH  (7-day sale: Nov 27 through Dec 3)

Other VIP-SCDkey deals to check out

If you’re not keen on purchasing Windows 10 Professional, say you already have a copy or aren’t interested in the Office suite, don’t worry because VIP-SCDkey’s BFPH code will be valid throughout the website.

VIP-SCDkey does sell other software like games and computer utility software, such as anti-virus software that will help protect your PC against viruses and malware, so that’s always worth checking out as well if you’re looking for a more robust anti-virus tool that will help keep you protected while you’re online.

Windows 10 Pro VS Windows 10 Home

If you don’t really use your PC for much, apart from surfing the web, chatting, sending out emails, and playing games every now and then, Windows 10 Home is usually more than enough to get the job done. This doesn’t mean that Windows 10 Pro isn’t worth upgrading to, although with the usual prices that are being charged for Windows 10 Pro, it’s easy for most users to opt for the cheaper Windows 10 Home, but now with this deal that drops a Windows 10 Pro OEM license to just $13, there’s really no reason to make the upgrade.

Microsoft has introduced additional security features that some users might actually be able to take advantage of and appreciate in Windows 10 Pro. This includes features like BitLocker device encryption so that in the event that your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to put all your files on lockdown and encrypt it so that whoever stole it will not be able to access them.

Windows Information Protection is also another noteworthy feature that will help prevent accidental data leaks, so even if you don’t really have anything classified on your PC, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are a business, then this feature might be doubly useful as it will help to keep upcoming projects a secret, or if there is sensitive information like pricing, suppliers, and costs that you don’t want your competitors to know about.

We are also looking at features like mobile device management, Remote Desktop Protocol, and more. Let’s not forget that at the price of Windows 10 Pro during VIP-SCDkey’s Limited-Time Black Friday sale, there really is no reason why you should choose the Pro version over the Home version.

Windows 10 OEM vs Retail

Some of you might be wondering the difference between an OEM key and a retail key. Functionality-wise, they’re both the same. Both will grant you an official license to use Windows on your computer.

The main difference is that, unlike retail licenses that can be transferred from one PC to another, OEM keys are typically locked to a single PC. This means that once you’ve installed Windows and used the OEM key, you will not be able to transfer that key to a new build. This isn’t really a problem for most users, plus with deals that VIP-SCDKey offers, it will still be cheaper to buy multiple OEM keys than a retail key.

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