Nov 12th, 2020

When it comes to the top smartphone vendors in the US, Apple has been leading the way for the past three years since Q2 2017, but no king rules forever and according to Strategy Analytics, they have revealed that for the first time since 2017, Samsung has actually managed to beat out Apple to claim the number one spot in the US for Q3 2020.

According to the market share figures, Samsung now owns 33.7% of the market in the US, while Apple dropped down to 30.2%, with third place going to LG with 14.7%, essentially making this battle between Apple and Samsung. It has also been suggested that Samsung’s strategy of releasing budget devices is what helped them cinch a greater market share than Apple, who typically only sells higher-end devices.

Samsung has typically been in the top three smartphone vendors in the world, although in recent times, they eventually ceded their position to Huawei, but with Huawei now losing out on the US market due to sanctions imposed by the US government, Samsung has managed to reclaim their position as the number one smartphone vendor not just in the US, but also the world.

Some analysts believe that Samsung’s reign at the top might be short-lived. This is because the gap left by Huawei could be filled by other Chinese handset makers such as Oppo who could slide into third position, and with the right devices and strategy, could eventually lead to them overtaking Apple and Samsung as well, but for now, it’s Samsung’s time to shine.

Source: Korea Herald

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