Nov 11th, 2020

When it comes to wireless speaker systems, you have your typical Bluetooth speakers which stream songs from a device like a phone or tablet or computer to the speaker. This means that by itself, it doesn’t really do much except play songs, but with Sonos, the company relies on WiFi to connect your speakers, which in turn makes it easy for users to stream audio from one source to multiple speakers at once.

In fact, if you’re after a more powerful set of wireless speakers, then you might want to take a look at the Sonos Five. This is one possibly the most powerful set of wireless speakers from Sonos to date, and it is priced at $400 at the moment, where it has been discounted by $100 from its original asking price of $500, so if you’re interested, head on over to Amazon to check it out.

Sonos Five - The High-Fidelity Speaker For Superior Sound
  • All-new Sonos Five - Experience vividly clear, room-filling sound for music and more with Five, tuned by renowned producer Giles Martin. Enjoy control with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more
  • Deep bass - Five's unrivalled acoustic design features 3 high-excursion woofers within a sealed architecture that eliminates reverb and echo
  • Ultra-wide soundstage - 2 precisely-angled side tweeters create spatial extension and rich stereo sound, while a center tweeter optimizes vocal playback

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