Nov 4th, 2020

To date, LG has yet to launch a phone with a foldable display. The closest thing we’ve seen comes in the form of the LG V50 with its optional secondary display. It is possible that LG doesn’t want to be lumped in with other handset makers with foldable displays, like its rival Samsung, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t interested in flexible display technology.

The company recently launched a TV with a rollable display, and now a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital has revealed that LG could be thinking about taking that display technology and apply it to a future smartphone. While we can’t speak to the durability of a rollable display versus a foldable display, there are some advantages to it.

For starters, it wouldn’t result in a phone being too thick, which is one of the criticisms surrounding current foldable handsets. Secondly, it creates a more seamless look as users won’t have to fold or unfold their phones to use it.

LG isn’t alone in their attempts to launch a smartphone with a rollable display. Not too long ago, a leaked video showed TCL’s rollable smartphone in action, but in LG’s case, the rollable display would allow the phone to be unfurled into a tablet-like device, whereas TCL’s answer is more about expanding the phone’s screen to make it longer/taller. Whether or not this patent actually becomes a reality remains to be seen, but we are intrigued by it.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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