Oct 9th, 2020

Google Assistant’s voice commands work great with native Android apps and features, but when it comes to third-party apps, sometimes it can be hit or miss. This is because developers typically need to enable the feature, which means that your mileage may vary from app to app.

To make Google Assistant a lot more user-friendly, Google has recently made some changes where the “Hey Google” feature will now work a lot better with third-party apps. With this update, users will be able to use voice commands to search within any app that they have installed on their phone.

For example, as Google notes on their blog, you can issue a command like “Hey Google, search for cozy blankets on Etsy” and it will then search within the Etsy app on your phone for what you were asking it to do. This is a lot better and more feature-rich compared to before, where users could, for the most part, only launch apps using Google Assistant.

Users will also be able to create shortcuts so that they can use voice commands in a more direct manner, such as opening Twitter to check the news, or logging a food item into MyFitnessPal directly. Right now, the new feature is being supported by 30 or so of the top apps in the Play Store, but we expect more apps will be added in the future. Developers will also be able to add their own built-in integrations, but then users will have to wait.

Source: Google

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