MediaTek’s 5G chipset brings 5G into your home


Broadband is pretty much the main way that most of us stay connected at home, school, or work, but it isn’t necessarily perfect. This is because WiFi coverage can be spotty, and you either need to setup a mesh WiFi network or purchase extenders.

This is versus cellular connectivity which has a wider reach, albeit at slower speeds, but this is where 5G comes in, and it is also where MediaTek wants to have a say. The company has recently announced its latest T750 5G chipset which isn’t designed for phones, but rather for routers and mobile hotspots.

This means that OEMs can build routers and hotspots that have 5G connectivity built into it, and it will help provider users with not just 5G speeds, but coverage as well. MediaTek also highlights the advantage to this technology, where users can quickly set it up right out of the box, versus more traditional broadband that will require someone to come to your home to install it for you.

The T750 has also been designed to help power smart displays, where it comes with an embedded GPU that can power displays up to 720p resolution. There’s no word on who will be picking up MediaTek’s T750, but with it announced, OEMs will have more options to choose from moving forwards.

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