Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 will last for weeks on a single charge


Getting a wearable isn’t as straightforward as you buying a smartwatch or fitness band and strapping it onto your wrist. Given that wearables are powered by batteries, we need to get used to the idea that we might need to charge them everyday or every few days.

If you hate the idea of having to charge your wearable every few days, then you might be interested in Samsung’s upcoming wearable, the Galaxy Fit 2. This is the successor to the company’s original Galaxy Fit fitness band, but it comes with considerably improved battery life and a larger display.

The tracker itself is rather simple and straightforward, but its battery life is its selling point, where Samsung claims that it will be able to last for as long as 15 days on a single charge, and potentially up to three weeks depending on how you use it.

We haven’t tested it out for ourselves so we can’t say for sure if it will live up to the promises Samsung is making, but if true, it could be a worthy contender in the wearables market. There is no word on a release date and price just yet, but Samsung should have something to announce soon, so check back with us later for more updates.

Source: The Verge

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