How to choose the right business VPN for your remote employees?


It is 2020. the period in time when the internet technology is peaking and the business models are implementing new ways to improve productivity. Remote working has been under the spotlight since the COVID-19 outbreak and VPN plays a huge role. 

VPN is a software that increases security levels and improves the internet experience

Many businesses and companies have decided to switch to remote working as it presents a lesser threat from spreading the virus while still maintaining that level of productivity needed for the employees.

What is a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet tool that provides safety and anonymity for its users. Having the function of an online shield, using strong encryption protocols ensures that our browsing, download and website history remain hidden from any potential prying eyes. 

The dangers of online threats keep rising day by day as the internet technology advances. Being exposed to the public internet (the internet of things) may leave the open door for any hackers that are lurking around. However, it also protects the user from other prying eyes like the government and the ISP (Internet Service Provider) which, by default, can easily track or see other people’s internet history.

VPN creates a special network that only you can use which blocks any unwanted visitors from peaking into the internet traffic

By using tunneling protocols and high encryption traffic it ensures that our anonymity online remains intact. It also serves the purpose of hiding the real IP address of the user and replacing it with a virtual one, which can be manually selected by choosing the desired server.

VPN usage in business 

Now, VPN does not only have a private use it also can be used in business models pretty much everywhere. Choosing the right business VPN for your company and employees can create a very good working environment. 

As we mentioned above, by opting for the right business VPN you ensure that the workers have remote access to the company’s server which opens a lot of possibilities for both the employer and the employee.

Having remote access means that the employees of the company can enter the company’s software from anywhere via their own device. When the authentication is completed the employee can safely work from a remote destination which has more than one advantage:

  • Higher productivity levels – Taking into account that the worker needs to travel to the destination, sit through traffic, and arrive to work in an office can induce a lot of stress. With remote access, the worker can still complete their tasks and job without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. This can only increase the productivity levels of the worker since they can feel more relaxed when doing their job.
  • Guaranteed safety – Since the main function of VPN is to provide safety for the user it helps the company protect its data and information at any given time. With the two-side authentication process, the worker can safely log in to their office account and work safely. VPN has high encryption levels for internet traffic which allows people to transfer data from one point to another without fear of being hacked or exposed.
  • New employee skill levels – When not working remotely and hiring new employees their geographical location plays a huge role. This means that the number of applicants is lower but with the option of remote access, this changes drastically. Once you are not bound to hire employees that are closer to the company you expand the circle of people that you can employ. This allows companies to hire a higher skill employee regardless of where they live.

It is no secret that VPN is something that you need to stay safe online in 2020. for both personal and business usage. The variety in services that the software offers is immense and we think it will only get bigger in the future.

How to choose the right business VPN

As we mentioned the services that VPN can provide for the user are vast and it is only up to the user to choose the right business VPN that will suit their needs. When looking for a VPN you should pay attention to:

  • The connection speed
  • The number of available servers
  • Strong encryption and security protocols
  • 24/7 available customer support
  • Clear and trusty user policies

The top-tier VPN providers will always indicate their offers and what are their strongest services. However, it is up to the user to decide which services suit them the best and opt for that one.

Other VPN uses

Other than providing full online protection and allowing remote access to workers, choosing the right business VPN will allow users to safely bypass any geopolitical or blocked websites. 

By allowing users to bypass censorship and blocked websites VPN provides full control of the internet experience

We mentioned above that the VPN allows users to choose the virtual server from anywhere around the world. This is another great advantage for people who travel a lot and work at the same time. In case you or your employee is located in a country that has blocked websites it should present no issue. By selecting the desired server from the country you/they are in it will allow the user to gain access to every website from that country as the server will register the log as you are in, the said, country.

Protection of data and information should be the number one priority whether we are talking about personal or business usage of the internet. Allowing workers to remotely access the company’s servers can increase their productivity, allow them to work multiple things at once, and reduce stress levels. Personally, VPN provides the best online protection from hackers, scammers, and other threats that might lurk online.

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