LG has a crazy new smartphone idea that’s way better than a foldable smartphone


While companies like Samsung are pushing the foldable smartphone narrative pretty hard, the company’s rival LG has pretty much stayed away from such devices, but it does not mean that they aren’t innovating. In fact, it seems that LG could have a pretty crazy smartphone idea in the works that we’re pretty excited about.

Thanks to the folks at Android Authority, they have obtained a video that allegedly depicts an upcoming LG handset called the “LG Wing”. The phone looks like a standard smartphone, but it apparently features a second display that can flip out. The video above doesn’t show the flip out screen in action, but it does show its potential use.

It’s an intriguing idea and could allow users to accomplish various tasks on their smartphones without apps taking up the entire screen. Imagine being able to take a photo and instead of having to launch the gallery to see the photo, you can see the captured photo on the secondary display while the main screen has the camera app open.

While foldable phones do provide a similar experience, the tech is still relatively new and so far, it doesn’t seem to be catching on (we imagine that pricing is probably one of the main issues). We have no idea if or when LG plans on debuting the LG Wings, but we are pretty excited for it.

Source: Android Authority

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