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Google wants to put its Google Assistant smart displays in your hotel room


If there is one thing good to come out of this pandemic, it is the highlight of how important hygiene is. While practicing good hygiene has always been important, the pandemic has reminded us that a lot of things we took for granted in the past is something we should pay more attention to moving forwards, like touching the surfaces of places frequented by many people, such as hotels.

So much so that Google has announced that they will be working with various hotels in an attempt to not only make the stay of guests “smarter” but also provide a hands-free experience where guests will have to touch as little things in the room as possible.

According to Google, this will come in the form of installing devices like the Nest Hub smart display in rooms, where guests can interact with it using their voice and do things like schedule a wake up call, or asking for information about the hotel or their surroundings. This in turn reduces the need to pick up the phone or talk to people, which can help reduce the spread of the virus.

Using smart displays like the Nest Hub also means that guests will have access to more information than what hotels currently provide, like the weather forecast, finding things to do around them, watch videos on demand, read the news, or listen to music of their own choosing.

Source: Google

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