Aug 21st, 2020

We’ve seen smartphone cameras get a lot more complicated over the past two years. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is no exception, featuring a triple camera system with a 108MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide and 12MP periscope telephoto camera which delivers 5x zoom. The main camera on the back can even capture video in 8K at 24fps while all the other cameras on the phone (including the 10MP selfie camera) can record 4K video at 60fps.

By contrast, the cameras on the Pixel 4a are a bit mundane with a 12.2MP sensor on the back of the phone and an 8MP sensor on the front. Video capture is limited to 4K/30 on the main camera and only 1080p/30 from the selfie cam.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra real-world camera test (80+ photos & videos)

But as we all know, specs never tell the full story. To see which devices capture better photos and videos, we’ve put together a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra versus Pixel 4a camera comparisons with side-by-side photos and videos captured from both devices in a variety of different lighting conditions.

Take a look at the video and image gallery below to see how the Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra stack up.

Pixel 4a versus Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gallery