Next Wear OS update should bring up to 20% quicker app loading times


Usually, software updates add features or make changes to the user interface. It’s exceedingly rare that your device is faster after the update, especially when things are being added and more stuff is running in the background. But this will be the case for your favorite Wear OS smartwatch this fall.

Google has announced a major update headed to Wear OS watches, and it claims to lower app startup times by up to 20% thanks to CPU core improvements. You’ll also be seeing a simplified paring process and updates to SysUI. Hopefully the pairing process makes switching a watch between devices a bit easier as that’s a sore point for Wear OS watches.

The update will also bring support for the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ chipsets. Existing watches won’t benefit but it’ll ensure compatibility for the next generation of Google wearables.

Separate from the update, a new weather app is coming to Wear OS later this year. It’s been redesigned to be easier to read, but it’s also a lot prettier than the previous weather interface. It’s a nice touch.

We’re really happy to see Wear OS being kept alive and updated despite the relatively poor sales figures for Google wearables. Some of us still love our Wear OS smartwatches and these updates help keep them fresh, snappy, and modern.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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