Jul 22nd, 2020

While Xiaomi has several high-end flagship phones, the company’s Mi Mix series is where they really get to experiment with features and designs, so it wouldn’t really surprise us if this patent that was discovered by LetsGoDigital could be the company’s next-gen Mi Mix handset.

In a world where we’re seeing phones come with multiple cameras, Xiaomi thinks that they might have “solved” this because based on the patent, this particular handset will feature a single, rather large, camera on the back that can be extended outwards. This means that it would allow the phone to take both wide and zoom photos as well, kind of like how dedicated cameras with interchangeable lenses work.

It also seems to sport an almost wrap around display, where the front display curves over the edges of the phone at what appears to be a 90-degree angle. This is versus how Samsung has approached flexible displays in the past, where it features a more gentle slope rather than one at a steep angle.

Unfortunately, given that this is a patent, it’s hard to say if Xiaomi will be making this phone a reality. The company has explored some interesting ideas with its Mi Mix handsets in the past, so who knows, maybe this could be next. Until Xiaomi makes some kind of announcement, try not to get your hopes up just yet.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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