Jul 21st, 2020

The pricing of the OnePlus Nord wasn’t at all surprising. We had heard that the phone would be pretty affordable and the 500 Euro price tag had been thrown around a few times before the launch. The 400 Euro variant will likely be the most popular model since no one really needs 12GB of RAM in a smartphone (if you think we’re wrong, share your thoughts in the comments), but it looks like India will be getting an exclusive variant with only 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The Price? OnePlus will be selling the 6GB version of the Nord for 24,999 INR, a good 12% less than the 8GB model!

If the same model was offered in Europe, it would likely sell for 355 Euro, making the onePlus Nord even more attractive for smartphone buyers who don’t want to spend all their cash on an expensive flagship smartphone.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication that the OnePlus Nord with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage will be made available outside of India. Having a cheaper variant of the phone in the India market makes a lot of sense since devices selling for 20,000 to 23,000 INR make up the fastest growing smartphone segment. The OnePlus Nord would be just over that threshold and could easily pick up customers who might be willing to spend just a little bit more for a significant;y better smartphone.

OnePlus Nord India pricing

  • OnePlus Nord: 6GB / 64GB – 24,999 INR
  • OnePlus Nord: 8GB / 128GB – 27,999 INR
  • OnePlus Nord: 12GB / 256GB – 29,999 INR

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