Jul 14th, 2020

A few minutes ago, the OnePlus Nord was unofficially unveiled by Carl Pei in a new MKBHD video. Carl was a guest for the latest WVFRM Podcast, to talk about OnePlus’ upcoming smartphone. While the OnePlus Nord was the main topic of the conversation, MKBHD also asked about various costs and tradeoffs that need to be made when building a budget-friendly device. Specifically, Pei revealed that NFC chips typically add $4 to a phone’s BoM (build of materials), while certifying a smartphone with an IP rating can cost up to $15 per device due to the cost of testing materials, addition seals in the phone and added manufacturing steps to ensure that each device that’s built is certified when it comes off the line.

Official: OnePlus Nord to make it debut July 21 with unique AR launch event

As for the OnePlus Nord, Carl Pei showed off the final design of the phone, in two different colors. While final designs are typically locked down 9 months before a phone hits the market, Pei revealed that the OnePlus Nord’s final design wasn’t finalized until 6 months before the launch which pushed the launch date back by about a month. He also showed off one of the design prototypes which featured a square camera module on the back with the camera lenses laid out in an L shape. Ultimately, OnePlus chose a more traditional design to ensure consumers could easily recognize the phone as a OnePlus device.

Check out the video below to get a first official look at the OnePlus Nord.

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