Apr 7th, 2020

Foldable display technology was launched last year, but it’s still relatively new and given that not many companies are exactly rushing to buy the tech, it also means that it isn’t being produced in large volumes. This also means that in terms of cost, foldable displays are still pretty expensive.

This is why it didn’t really come as a complete surprise when Samsung was asking for nearly $2,000 for its Galaxy Fold smartphone. The good news is that if you were looking to hop on board the foldable phone bandwagon, the Galaxy Fold 2 is said to be potentially cheaper. This is according to a report from SamMobile who claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 could come in a 256GB base model which should help lower the cost of the phone.

For those unfamiliar, the Galaxy Fold was launched as a single model with 512GB of storage. By launching the Galaxy Fold 2 with a 256GB variant, it is possible that the price of the phone could be reduced, although exactly by how much remains to be seen. In the past, difference in storage typically means a price difference of around $100 or so, so we’re not sure if a $1,800 smartphone is that much more appealing.

Samsung does have the Galaxy Z Flip which is priced just under $1,400, so that’s always an alternative if you absolutely have to have a foldable phone.

Source: SamMobile

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