Pixel 4a might be only released in October


In April earlier this year, leaked photos revealed the retail boxes of the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. This suggested that the phone could be launching soon, but it turns out that will no longer be the case. This is according to a tweet by Jon Prosser who claims that the handset will now be launching in October.

According to Prosser’s tweet, Google is still expected to announce the phone on the 13th of July, but its release is apparently slated for the 22nd of October. This means that there will be a massive 3 month gap from the phone’s announcement to its release. If true, we’re not sure why Google wouldn’t want to delay the phone’s announcement closer to its release.

It is possible that Google might have wanted to avoid it clashing with the Pixel 5, but that’s just speculation on our part. The Pixel 4a, for those unfamiliar, is the continuation of Google’s A-series of Pixel phones that are priced lower than the regular flagship Pixels with lower-end specs.

Recent rumors have claimed that the phone might be even priced cheaper than 2020 iPhone SE, but the delay in the phone’s launch has us wondering about its relevancy. We had previously listed several reasons we don’t think the Pixel 4a will be the smashing success Google is hoping for, and a delay, especially so close to the Pixel 5, will definitely not be doing Google any favors.

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