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Google Search app finally gains dark mode support: here’s how to turn it on


Dark Mode seems to be all the rage these days. Android and iOS both offer the feature, allowing users to switch the usual white background color in the OS to black or a dark gray, conserving battery life and eye strain.

Recently, Google has rolled out an update for its Search app on both iOS and Android where it now supports Dark Mode. This means that whenever your phone’s dark mode feature has been enabled, the app should follow suit and show a dark look to match it. This is a nifty update as it does make it easier on the eyes when you’re viewing your phone in a low light setting.

The update for Dark mode is set to begin rolling out on Tuesday, 9AM PT, and will continue to roll out throughout the week, so if you don’t see the feature enabled for you yet, it will eventually find its way to your device.

How to turn on Google Search app Dark Mode Setting

There are two ways that Android and iOS users can enable Dark Mode for the Google Search app. Follow the instructions below and to turn on Dark Mode in Google Search on your device.

System-level Dark Mode

The first method is pretty straightforward and automatic. If you’re running iOS 13 or Android 10, the Google Search app will automatically switch to Dark Mode when your operating system’s Dark Mode feature is enabled. That’s how most apps with Dark Mode support handle the feature.

  • Turn on Android’s system-level dark mode: to turn on Dark Mode on a device running Android 10 or later, the feature can typically be enabled under Settings > Display > Dark Mode and tap Dark. If the feature cannot be found in this location, open settings and search for “dark” to find it.
  • Turn on iOS’ system-level dark mode: to enable Dark Mode on an Apple device running iOS 13 or later, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and tap Dark under the Appearance header.

Google Search app Dark Mode

Google is also giving users the option to manually enable Dark Mode in its app, regardless of the system-level setting. Users can go to the app’s Settings and manually toggle Dark Mode on or off or set it to match the system-level Light/Dark Mode setting.

  • Turn on Dark Mode within the Google Search app: open the Google Search app and go to More > Settings > General > Theme and select between Light, Dark or System default.
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