Motorola promises one extra Android update for its Edge+ flagship phone


Last month, Motorola announced a new smartphone in the form of the Motorola Edge+. This is the company’s return to flagship handsets, where previously they were content with releasing low and mid-range devices like the E and G-series (which were fantastic phones for its prices).

Now according to a Motorola rep, they have told Engadget that they have had a change of heart and will be giving the Edge+ one extra year of major Android updates. Previously, the company had only committed to giving the Edge+ only one year of Android updates, meaning that it would only be upgraded to Android 11 which should be released later this year.

Now with the company backtracking on its previous claim, it means that the Edge+ should see updates till Android 12, at the very least, and anything, after we suppose, is a bonus. What’s odd is that for the most part, most companies generally give their phones two major Android updates, so for Motorola to have only given one felt a bit stingy.

That being said, the Motorola Edge+ is currently a Verizon exclusive in the US. An unlocked version should eventually be released, but if you were hoping to buy it on an installment plan with a non-Verizon carrier, you would be out of luck for now.

Source: Engadget

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