Apr 20th, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, LG shared some sketches of its upcoming new smartphone. Not much was known about the phone(s), but basically this is a new design language that LG will be adopting moving forwards. If those sketches aren’t enough, then you might be interested to learn that LG has since published a video on YouTube that shows off a lot more.

Instead of mere sketches, the video shows full renders of the upcoming handset that LG is calling “Velvet”. Now, we’re not sure if “Velvet” is going to be the new series of phones that LG is launching, or if it is simply the name of the project. Beyond these renders, LG has not provided any additional information, but we imagine that the company will probably have more teasers to share in the coming weeks or maybe months leading up to some kind of announcement.

Given that not much is known about the phone, it has pretty much left it to speculation. We had previously heard rumors that LG was planning on doing away with its G-series of phones. The company later issued a statement that wasn’t exactly a denial, except to say that they would have more details to share later on.

We can only assume that this “Velvet” phones could be what replaces the G-series, but like we said, it’s just speculation on our part for now. LG has not launched a new G-series phone this year and instead opted to launch the LG V60, which is typically reserved for the later part of the year.

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