Insane Master & Dynamic’s MW07 sale offers an incredible 57% discount!


The problem with a lot of wireless earbuds is that they tend to focus more on portability and mobility. As a result, sometimes audio quality is sacrificed in the process. If you’re more concerned about audio quality but would still like the small form factor of wireless earbuds, then Master & Dynamic’s MW07 earbuds are worth checking out.

This is because over on Amazon, the earbuds are enjoying a pretty crazy discount where you will be able to pick up the Tortoise Shell model for a mere $125.25. Considering that the earbuds were initially launched at $300, we reckon that this deep, deep discount should make it very compelling.

The MW07s have been praised as being one of the best-sounding wireless earbuds in the market at the moment. Granted, they might not be as portable compared to other models and they might not have the best battery life, but if sound quality is what you’re after, then these might be worth checking out.

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