This is what Google’s Pixel 4a could look like


Last year, Google launched the Pixel 3a, a mid-range Pixel device that would make it more affordable for customers looking to hop on board the Pixel bandwagon. It has been largely assumed that Google will be following up with the Pixel 4a later this year, and now a leaked photo posted on Slashleaks seems to lend credence to those claims.

The leaked photos aren’t exactly the highest quality photos we’ve seen, but then again, that’s usually par for the course when it comes to leaked photos. They do contain enough information to get an idea of what to expect, namely the edge-to-edge display on the front and the camera bump on the back.

If you’re wondering why this looks familiar, it is because back in 2019, leaked renders gave us our first look at the Pixel 4a. The photos seem to corroborate those renders, where it shows off the full screen display that also comes with a hole-punch on the front where the front-facing camera will be housed.

Not much is known about the Pixel 4a, but presumably it will continue to be a mid-range handset. We have heard that there is a strong possibility that the phone might not come with 5G and that it will most likely be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 chipset. There is also no word on when the phone will be announced, especially with Google having recently confirmed that they will not be hosting a physical event for Google I/O 2020.

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