Samsung’s newest flagship phones are still only eligible for two major Android updates


If there is one advantage Apple’s iPhones have over Android, it would be their long update schedules, where Apple typically keeps their devices updates for years on end. This is versus Android smartphones, where more often than not, they get maybe 2-3 major Android updates and they’re done.

You would think (and hope) that in this day and age that companies would be more willing to invest in their devices, but that isn’t the case, at least as far as Samsung is concerned. This is according to a report from SamMobile where based on Samsung’s list of devices that are eligible for monthly security updates, both the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip have been added.

It also reveals that Samsung’s newer phones continue to be eligible for two major Android updates, so for now, it looks like it’s business as usual. It is a bit disappointing given that we’ve kind of peaked in terms of smartphone hardware, which means that one of the ways to differentiate themselves would be in services and features, and this seemed like a great opportunity they should have capitalized on.

Then again, Samsung isn’t running a charity and it’s probably in their best interest to get users upgrading every 1-2 years if possible.

Source: SamMobile

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