The Black Shark 3’s physical trigger buttons could make it the ultimate gaming smartphone


When Xiaomi first launched the Black Shark gaming smartphone, it felt like the company was simply hopping on board the gaming smartphone bandwagon. Fast forward to today, it seems that the Black Shark series is starting to shape up to be rather interesting, especially with the details teased about the Black Shark 3.

In a series of posts made on Weibo, Xiaomi’s co-founder Lei Jun revealed some details about the Black Shark 3 ahead of its scheduled announcement on the 3rd of March. The highlight hardware feature revealed is physical trigger buttons on the side of the phone. While we’re seen capacitive trigger sensors on devices like the Nubia Red Magic Mars, we haven’t seen physical buttons like these since the Sony Xperia Play which made its debut 9 years ago.

A second unique feature is rather interesting as it seems that the phone will come with a magnetic charging port on the back that will support 65W fast charging.

Now, most smartphones typically charge via micro USB or USB-C, but the use of a magnetic port is interesting and convenient. Presumably, this will be similar to the Apple Watch’s charger, where users can attach it magnetically and detach it just as easily. This is better than current wired methods and also faster than wireless.

Other details about the phone include a decently-sized 4.720mAh battery that’s been split into two and placed on either side of the motherboard. We’re not sure what else the Black Shark 3 will be hiding under the hood, but check back with us next week if you’d like the official details.

Source: XDA Developers

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