Feb 18th, 2020

Our phones these days feature edge-to-edge displays, but usually with a slight catch where some of them come with notches, hole-punch cameras, or popup cameras. This is due to the fact that companies have yet to figure out how to put a camera underneath the display of a smartphone.

That could soon change because according to a report out of Korea, it has been suggested that Samsung could be the first smartphone maker to the market with an under-display camera. This camera tech is rumored to debut with the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, the successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold smartphone which is apparently codenamed “Champ”.

If this is true, it would seem to contradict what Xiaomi had previously said, where the company had claimed that as it stands with current technology, it would be impossible to create under-display cameras. We know that Samsung has been working on such technology for a while now, so it is possible that Samsung might have figured it out before Xiaomi did.

We’re not sure if the introduction of such tech will help sell the device, especially given that companies have yet to truly figure out foldable phones, but the tech should trickle down and hopefully make an appearance in 2020’s Galaxy Note handset. Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt for now until we can get official confirmation.

Source: SamMobile

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